You can download the latest binaries here, or access the current development version using Git.

Avogadro 2 release:

Avogadro2 Platform Files
Windows (Win64 Installer) Avogadro2-1.90.0-win64.exe
Mac OS X Avogadro2-1.90.0-Darwin.dmg
Libraries (Source) avogadrolibs-1.90.0.tar.gz
Application (Source) avogadroapp-1.90.0.tar.gz

MoleQueue release:

MoleQueue Platform Files
Windows (Win32 Installer) MoleQueue-0.7.1-win32.exe
Mac OS X MoleQueue-0.7.1-Darwin.dmg
Source molequeue-0.7.1.tar.gz

MongoChem release:

MongoChem Platform Files
Windows (Win32 Installer) MongoChem-0.5.0-win32.exe
Mac OS X MongoChem-0.5.0-Darwin.dmg
Source mongochem-0.5.0.tar.gz

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