The Open Chemistry project is taking part in the Google Summer of Code program for the second time. We started out last year as a small umbrella organization offering projects with Avogadro, cclib, 3DMol.js, and Open Babel. We had two successful projects in our first year, and this year we have extended the number of projects in our umbrella organization to offer an even greater range of projects. Please check out our ideas page for 2017, and our instructions for submitting a student proposal. Ideas and mentors are available for a range of projects:Google Summer of Code

  • Avogadro – advanced molecule editor and visualizer
  • 3Dmol.js – 3D accelerated molecular graphics JavaScript library
  • cclib – parse, interpret and analyze computational chemistry data
  • MSDK – algorithms for processing mass spectrometry data
  • RDKit – cheminformatics and machine-learning software
  • NWChem – computational chemistry tools from classical to quantum
  • Open Babel – search, convert, analyze, or store chemical data

If you know a student who would like to be paid to work on open source chemistry projects this summer please let them know about our mentoring organization. We have a great selection of ideas, with mentors who have been working in these areas for many years. We are using the Open Chemistry mailing list to coordinate discussions with prospective students, but please note that each project has their own lists, issue trackers, etc.